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Reviews for Treat Yourself Dog Training

What our clients have to say

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Adam & Bowie

We needed some help getting our pup a little more comfortable around little ones as we were expecting our first child. Tess was so great, offering the perfect combination of understanding and creative solutions which we’ve been able to work into our day to day. She is also super responsive to new developments as they come up. Would highly recommend her to anyone needing some advice or dog training tips!

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Juliana & Jojo

My dog is very reactive and Tess was so understanding and helpful. She really helped me learn that my dog was scared and the power of positive reinforcement. Tess was so clear and really fun to work with! She even gave me a comprehensive write up so I could really use what we practiced on my own. I can't recommend her enough! 

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Amanda, Moose & Dani

Amazing trainer! Tess is extremely patient, clear and knowledgeable. She made me feel very comfortable and supported during all of our sessions! She takes a positive reinforcement approach which I highly recommend and appreciate. I have 2 small reactive dogs with separation anxiety. One of my senior dogs was starting from scratch with training and we learned so many ways to redirect, reinforce good behaviours, and make him feel more comfortable outside around other dogs and also being home alone.

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Jen & Zeus

I did some sessions with Tess for leash reactivity with my dog (towards dogs) after being unsuccessful with another trainer and online resources. I love her positive approach, and use of an actual dog for set ups. We were able to eventually meet her dog with no reaction and I've become much more confident in what to do on walks on my own and meeting other dogs. She provides great resources, online content and ongoing support.

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Lisa & Zoe

Tess is fantastic. We love our pug, but we were struggling with some biting behaviors. We were really at the end of our rope and felt helpless to change it. Once Tess saw this in action she was able to tell us exactly why it was happening and we changed that behavior so quickly. It improved our life. That alone was with every penny. On top of that she taught us skills to better improve other behaviors and patterns, and really set us up to continue to improve with consistent training for Zoey. Thank you so much Tess!

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Kayla & Kimber

After reaching out to more than a dozen trainers (none of which felt educated enough to take on Kimbers case), we were referred to Tess and she was SO helpful. From our first session she offered tips and tricks to help combat kimbers anxiety-provoking events and worked with us while we explored different medication options with our vet. Having a reactive dog who is struggling mentally can be very isolating and not many people can understand the difficulties with that. Tess made us feel heard, supported and like we weren’t in this alone. Through our virtual sessions with Tess, it was evident how much she cared about the struggles Kimber was having and she worked with us over a few months to slowly desensitize him to his triggers. The amount of knowledge she has around dogs and the way their brains work (specifically relating to fear and anxiety) is amazing.

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