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Helping families with dogs prepare for life with babies and toddlers.

dog bit baby help

I can help babies, toddlers and dogs live in harmony.

As mom to a toddler and two dogs, I know all too well how complicated it can feel to keep the peace between young children and dogs living in the same home. As a dog trainer and Licensed Family Paws Parent Educator, I have specialized knowledge that can help you achieve peaceful coexistence.

A Dog and Baby/Toddler Consultation can...

  • Help you prepare your dog for the arrival of a new baby 

  • Equip you with the tools to safely manage your dog and child's relationship as they grow, become more active and achieve new milestones

  • Support you with steps to move forward when there has been a bite or growl directed at your baby or toddler

  • Address any other concerns regarding dogs, babies and toddlers.

Ready to get started?


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