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Group & Low Cost Services
for Reactive & Fearful Dogs

Pattern Games for 
Reactivity & Fear

5 weeks for $169.50

Learn fun training games to help you communicate with your dog, hold their attention in difficult situations and provide them with a structured way to make progress around their triggers.

Suitable for dogs who are fearful of or reactive toward triggers in their environment. 

5 weekly, 1-hour long lessons

Sundays @ 5pm EST

Live coaching

Weekly homework

Classes are live on Zoom

Learning objectives:

  • Learn the "why" behind your dog's behaviour

  • Learn how pattern games can help your dog feel more comfortable around their triggers

  • Learn 7 separate pattern games, practice them and receive coaching live

  • Learn how to apply pattern games to training setups to make real life progress

Pattern games are from the Control Unleashed series by Leslie McDevitt

virtual dog training class

Next class starting March 24, 2024 at 5pm EST.

Dog Guardian Support Group 
90 min | $20 CAD 

A therapeutic support group for guardians of challenging dogs run by a trauma-informed counsellor and social worker, with support from our certified dog trainer & behaviour consultant.

Group is run live on Zoom.

Next group is on Wednesday, March 13 at 5:30pm EST.


Trainer on Retainer Subscription
$30 CAD monthly

Daily support from a certified dog behaviour consultant


  • Access to all of our demo videos and handouts

  • 5 day/week WhatsApp support; ask a qualified dog behaviour consultant all of your burning questions

  • Video review: send in video of training you're working on and get feedback

dog behaviorist

Parallel Walking Club
45 min |

For recovering reactive dogs.

This is a group walk taking place in an open space with lots of room to work with, on Sunday mornings. We will have up to 3 dogs join and practice walking with/watching other dogs together. Our reactivity specialist will be rotating between teams to ensure everyone is successful. Dogs will not meet unless advised otherwise.


Clients must have worked with Tess beforehand to ensure everyone joining us is ready for this exciting next step. Please email for more information.

Haven't worked with us but think your dog is ready? Email Tess or book a call about booking an assessment!


dog pack walks london ontario

We are proud to offer in home
dog training in London, Ontario & online

Cancellation Policy

I understand that conflicts may arise that result in you needing to cancel or reschedule your session. To provide us with time to fill your spot, we ask that you please cancel/reschedule no later than 48 hours prior to your session for a full refund. Unfortunately we are unable to offer refunds for sessions cancelled within 48 hours of your appointment time.  

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