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Dog Separation Anxiety Training
Packages & Methodology

Do you feel like your dog will never be comfortable home alone? We're here to tell you that separation anxiety can be resolved. Read more below to learn about how we help your dog achieve success. 

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What is separation anxiety?

Separation anxiety (isolation distress) is a panic disorder stemming from a phobia of being home alone, without their special person, or both. Dogs with separation anxiety are in distress and need support to help them feel safe without us present.

Common symptoms of separation anxiety include one or more of the following:

  • whining, barking, howling, vocalizing

  • house soiling

  • pacing, inability to settle

  • panting, drooling

  • destructiveness, sometimes leading to injury

Many clients believe they have caused their dog's separation anxiety. This is likely not true. Separation anxiety is largely influenced by genetics, breed tendencies and other factors beyond our control.

What is separation anxiety not?

Separation anxiety is not:

  • stubbornness

  • dominance 

  • caused by spoiling your dog or allowing them on the furniture

  • resolved using bark collars, heavy duty crates or other forms of punishment

What does separation anxiety training look like?

Separation anxiety is treated virtually. In-person sessions are not effective for this issue because we need to see your dog when they are truly home alone. After we find your dog's starting point (the amount of time they can comfortably be left alone now) during our initial assessment, we will work together to systematically build up alone time until you reach your goal. During this training, we move at your dog's pace, ensuring they are relaxed throughout the process. This allows us to make progress that is sustainable long term.

Many dogs also benefit from consultation with a veterinarian in regard to this issue.


What Can I Expect from Separation Anxiety Training?

What you need to start training

Custom training plans updated 5 days a week

Weekly live Zoom training sessions with an expert 

Lots of cheerleading and creative problem solving


A plan to suspend absences (not leave your dog alone at all) outside of training sessions

A working internet connection

A way to watch your dog when you're not home
(e.g. Wyze camera, Furbo, baby monitor, camera app)


Ready to get started?

separation anxiety training london on



  • Discussion of the history of your dog's separation anxiety and other related factors 

  • Live assessment of your dog to determine if s/he has separation anxiety and how long they can be left alone comfortably now

  • Recommendations for a training plan to fit your family's needs

  • Written summary with my findings and training recommendations

  • Assessment and all training for separation anxiety takes place virtually on Zoom

separation anxiety training ontario



  • Four or eight consecutive weeks of training plans, updated daily

  • Weekly live Zoom sessions

  • Video review of your dog's alone time upon request

  • Unlimited email/WhatsApp support while we are working together

*Following an initial comprehensive package, clients may choose to continue with a 4 or 8 week "light" plan. Light plans include all of the same benefits as the comprehensive packages, but with live meetings every two weeks instead of weekly.

Prefer to DIY? 
Check out the Do-It-Yourself Separation Anxiety Program 

This self-paced behavior modification course is specifically designed so both dog pros and dog companions can learn step by step what is separation anxiety, how to find out if their dog suffers from it, and how to set up an effective daily training plan to help him/her overcome it.

This program created by Separation Anxiety Dog includes 20 dynamic, and easy to follow video modules that will guide you through each stage of your separation anxiety journey, so you can move forward knowing when and what to do next.

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Cancellation Policy


I understand that conflicts may arise that result in you needing to cancel or reschedule your session. To provide us with time to fill your spot, we ask that you please cancel/reschedule no later than 48 hours prior to your session for a full refund. Unfortunately we are unable to offer refunds for sessions cancelled within 48 hours of your appointment time.  

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