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Dog Aggressive or Fearful to Strangers? We can help.

Check out our new virtual group class dedicated to dogs who struggle with strangers and visitors.

dog aggressive to strangers london ontario

Does your dog have trouble accepting new people into your life? Do you wish you could have visitors over, but can't imagine that your dog will ever be able to tolerate it? We've designed a class for all "stranger danger" dogs and the people who love them.

What will I learn in this class?

In this class, we’ll work on foundation training for stranger scenarios, discuss how to navigate day-to-day life with your dog and practice training exercises with a familiar person to better equip you to take them on the road with real life strangers. Participants must have access to a second, familiar family member or friend who can help in the last two weeks of class.

All classes will be recorded. Hope to see you there!

Tess Morgan is a Certified Dog Behaviour Consultant and dog trainer in London, Ontario. She specializes in reactivity, fear, anxiety and aggression, as well as baby/dog safety.

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