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Dog Guardian Support Group: December 10, 2023 at 5pm EST

If you’re struggling with the emotional weight of caring for a behaviourally challenging dog, we know what you’re going through. Our Dog Guardian Support Group, led by a trauma-informed therapist, aims to provide a safe space to those struggling with the stress, emotional burden and anxiety that

comes with caring for a challenging dog. December 10 at 5pm EST. Pay-what-you-can.

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Who runs the group?

Juliana Bruyn, SSW

Juliana Bruyn is a trauma-informed counselor who has worked in the field of mental health for over 10 years. Juliana uses a casual, client centered approach, which means she tailors her sessions to her clients’ unique lived experiences and preferences.

Juliana also has a reactive dog, so she is well versed in the stress and shame that can come from working through reactivity. Juliana will bring a compassionate, non-judgmental and kind lens to the group - making sure it is a safe space for all.

Tess Morgan, CTC, CDBC

Tess is the owner and lead trainer at Treat Yourself Dog Training. She is passionate about using the most progressive and evidence-based methods to train dogs and prides herself in offering effective, holistic and non-judgmental support to the families she works with.

Tess is guardian to two sensitive, anxious rescue dogs: Lily and Alvin. She specializes in reactivity, fear, separation anxiety and dog/child safety.

Who is suitable for this group?

This group is best-suited to anyone who is experiencing mental health struggles, isolation or other difficult emotions as a result of caring for a behaviourally challenging dog. Common issues include separation anxiety, reactivity, aggression and fear, but the group is not limited to specific behavioural issues.

What is the cost?

This group is pay-what-you-can, with a suggested donation of $20. Additional donations are appreciated to compensate your support team for their time.

Will I receive training advice?

This is a group therapy session, not a dog training consultation. Our Certified Dog Behaviour Consultant will be in attendance to provide insights or guidance as needed, however specific behaviour advice will not be provided.

Sound good? Sign up below.

Tess Morgan is a Certified Dog Behaviour Consultant and Dog Trainer. She offers in-home dog training in London, Ontario as well as online.

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