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Struggling with your
reactive or anxious dog?
You're in the right place.

Reactive dog training in London, Ontario and online.

We can help with...

Leash reactivity 

Fear on walks or refusal to go on walks

Territorial aggression/reactivity

Noise sensitivity

Preparing dogs for a new baby / conflict between kids/dogs in the home

Conflict between pets in the same home

Dogs who are struggling with multiple behavioural issues

Dogs who are working with a veterinarian or veterinary behaviourist and need training support to complement that work

What people are saying...

"We can't be more grateful that we had Tess to help with Cooper's reactivity. We couldn't take Cooper out to anywhere at all before we worked with Tess because he reacts to every stranger and dog. The transition of Cooper from our first session to the last session is incredible. Tess is a true friend to Cooper." 
- James & Cooper

"After six sessions with Tess, I am equipped with the necessary knowledge and resources to continue making progress with Lucy on my own. My experience with Tess through the Treat Yourself Pro Reactivity Package has been very beneficial for improving Lucy’s reactive behaviour and it also increased my confidence."

- Emily & Lucy

"When our second rescue dog started to become reactive on walks we were not quite sure where to turn but are SO THANKFUL we found Tess! The skills we were able to learn after just 1 session made such a difference and I cannot even believe where we are at now after 6 sessions - our Mona is like a completely different dog and we don't fear walks anymore!"
- Haylee & Mona

"Tess seriously saved my aggressive dogs life! She lays out the perfect recipe for individualized success, judges literally no situation or event that led to needing help. I felt completely hopeless and sad for my little dog, to now feeling like we have crawled out of a scary hole with a bright future! Thank you a million times over!"
- Sheila & Steve

"I did some sessions with Tess for leash reactivity with my dog (towards dogs) after being unsuccessful with another trainer and online resources. I love her positive approach, and use of an actual dog for set ups. We were able to eventually meet her dog with no reaction and I've become much more confident in what to do on walks on my own and meeting other dogs. She provides great resources, online content and ongoing support."
- Jennifer & Zeus

reactive dog training london ontario

Why Treat Yourself?

When you work with Treat Yourself Dog Training & Behaviour you get...

  • A multi-certified dog trainer who is committed to offering the most progressive and effective methods available

  • A certified dog behaviour consultant with specialized knowledge in reactivity and experience supporting complex behavioural cases

  • A support system who understands what it's like to share your life with a difficult dog

  • A coach who is passionate about providing non-judgemental services to people struggling with behaviour issues

  • An animal welfare advocate who prioritizes humane and compassionate treatment of dogs during training

Reactive dog training in London Ontario

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