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reactive dog trainer london ontario

Struggling with a reactive, fearful or anxious dog?
You've come to the right place.

Dog training in London, Ontario and online.

Our areas of expertise

reactivity trainer london ontario

Whether on or off leash, we can help dogs who bark, lunge, growl, whine or otherwise "make a scene" when they see or hear specific triggers, such as other dogs, vehicles, strangers or inanimate objects. We can help your reactive dog learn training skills for when these triggers appear, change their response to their triggers, and "get out of dodge" in unexpected situations.

separation anxiety trainer ontario

Having a dog with separation anxiety can make you feel like a prisoner in your own home. Whether your dog is barking, howling, having accidents or destroying things, we can help your dog become more relaxed when left home alone.

dog bit child trainer

We can help expecting couples prepare their dog for a new baby, give tips on safely managing dogs and children in the same home, and troubleshoot if there has been an incident. 

help anxious dog london on

Some dogs are scared of certain triggers, while others seem to be scared of everything. Other dogs present with anxiety, which can look like difficulty settling, scanning their environment for threats or unease out in the world. We can help your dog feel better about the things that make them anxious or fearful.

dog training london on

Just adopted a new dog and not sure where to start?
Let us help you help your new dog adjust to life in your home and teach them the skills they need to succeed in your family.

aggressive dog training london on

Whether there has been a bite, a growl or another troubling incident, caring for an aggressive dog can be stressful and scary. We can help put a plan in place to help you and your dog feel safe.

What people are saying...

"We can't be more grateful that we had Tess to help with Cooper's reactivity. We couldn't take Cooper out to anywhere at all before we worked with Tess because he reacts to every stranger and dog. The transition of Cooper from our first session to the last session is incredible. Tess is a true friend to Cooper." 
- James & Cooper

"We needed some help getting our pup a little more comfortable around little ones as we were expecting our first child. Tess was so great, offering the perfect combination of understanding and creative solutions which we’ve been able to work into our day to day. She is also super responsive to new developments as they come up. Would highly recommend her to anyone needing some advice or dog training tips!" 
- Adam & Bowie

"We feel so fortunate to have found Tess to help us with our rescued pup. Her help and plan for working through our dog's separation anxiety was clear and realistic.  Her love of animals is evident in her approach."
- Kelly & Willow

"Tess seriously saved my aggressive dogs life! She lays out the perfect recipe for individualized success, judges literally no situation or event that led to needing help. I felt completely hopeless and sad for my little dog, to now feeling like we have crawled out of a scary hole with a bright future! Thank you a million times over!"
- Sheila & Steve

"Tess was a life saver. She was super attentive and patient. I saw almost immediate positive changes with my pup's behaviour"
- Josh & Henry

aggressive dog training london ontario

Why us?

When you work with Treat Yourself Dog Training you get...

  • A multi-certified dog trainer who is committed to offering the most progressive and effective methods available

  • A certified dog behaviour consultant with specialized knowledge in separation anxiety, fear and aggression

  • A support system who understands what it's like to share your life with a difficult dog

  • A coach who is passionate about providing non-judgemental services to people struggling with behaviour issues

  • An animal welfare advocate who prioritizes humane and compassionate treatment of dogs during training

Dog Trainer Serving London, Ontario + Virtual

Phone: 519-694-5766 (voicemail only)

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